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In the summer of 2008 Jack Johnson took a trip through Europe playing everywhere from historical venues to classic outdoor stages making it the biggest tour of his career. The film is a collection of live performances with Jack's quartet along with special appearances by G. Love, Ben Harper, Mason Jennings, Neil Halstead and Matt Costa. Through weathering the stormy nights in Newquay to surfing on a river in Germany, to playing the packed house in London's Hyde Park, the film takes you on a trip and captures the connection between an audience and an artist on an international stage. This is more than a compilation of performances, this is an intimate look at Jack Johnson, his life on the road, and the unique dialogue he has with his fans. Chapters: 01. Hit The Stage And Sleep Through The Static02. Credits...Belle / Banana Pancakes03. Home Is Where The Love Is04. River Surfing05. Storm Rolls In On The Good People Of Munich06. Staple It Back Together07. Backstage In 'Amsterdam Into Flake08. Adam, Merlo, And Zach09. Mason Sings... The Band Go On10. The, Road To Newquay11. Rainbows Over The Airwaves Into Small Surf12. Drawing Our Own Constellations13. Sunshine Hits London14. Hope In Hyde Park15. Merlo Wasting Time 16. It's High Tide Or Low Tide17. If I Had Eyes From London To Paris18. All At Once19. Angel / Better Together 20. Fin

Производитель: Universal Music Group Inc.

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