An Incremental Graft Parsing Based Program Development Environment

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Incremental parsing is a popularly knew method used in language-based editors for program development environments. It is called, Incremental Parsing, because of recompiling a limited portion of the source when recompiling a compiled program with some changes. Most of compiler front-ends use a one-pass scanner for lexical analysis to break the source context into a token stream. Then, the parser starts working on the token stream according to the grammar production rules. As a usual compilation process, even a change of character in the source context may result in parsing the whole source context all over again. On the other hand, incremental parsing works on the modification of a parse tree not a whole tree. Incremental graft parser focuses on the changed token, even the aected region on the parse tree. The parser splits o aected nodes and put subtrees not changed onto a stack. When re-establishing the parse tree, the parser only connects those subtrees to re-construct a new pare tree.


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